Battano Construction - Since 1975


Battano has decades of experience in concrete construction. Our curb and gutter division offers a wide variety of curb profiles that meet Ontario Provincial Standards.

Inspired & Constantly Improving

We have state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality of product available in the industry.

We Simply Care

Battano Construction is confident in their knowledge and capability to get the job done safely, efficiently and with the strictest attention to detail.

Vito Battigaglia was born in 1928 in Cutro, Italy (See Memorium below). Vito immigrated to Canada in 1953 as a single man, entering the country through the famous Pier 21 in Halifax Nova Scotia. The purpose of the trip was to visit his sister who lived with her husband in North Bay Ontario, and to find work in the area. Vito did find employment and tried his hand at various trades over the next 8 years.

Returning to Italy in 1962, Vito married Maria and brought her back to Canada with him, and at that time settled into a new job with Standard Paving, where he found his niche in the concrete construction division. After many years with Standard Paving, the executive of the company decided to close the concrete construction division in the North. Vito then had to decide whether to relocate with the division, stay with the company in a different field in North Bay, or move on. He instead decided to go into business for himself, and thus, Battano Construction was born in 1975.

At Battano Construction we make our responsibility for the safety and protection of our workers our #1 priority